Elevated Water Storage Tanks

As of 7/11/24: The Authority presently has three elevated water storage tanks in service.  The tanks along the Black Horse Pike behind the Knights of Columbus building and along Corkery Lane are both 1,000,000 gallon facilities.  The Herbert Boulevard Water Storage Tank holds 300,000 gallons.  The Authority plans to repaint all three elevated water storage … Read more

Sanitary Sewer Main Rehabilitation

As of 7/11/24: Funding is also being sought for a sewer main rehabilitation project using cured in-place pipe (CIPP).  CIPP is a process for trenchless rehabilitation and restoration of existing pipes.  It is often utilized in preference to replacement of existing pipes, because it drastically reduces overall disturbance and costs compared to reconstruction.  The objective … Read more

Water Distribution System Upgrades

As of 7/11/24: The water distribution system should be connected into loops, so that the supply of water may be conveyed to the consumer from more than one direction.  Looping of the water system minimizes the likelihood of consumers being without water in the event of a water main break.  The Authority has instituted a … Read more

Lead Service Line Replacement

As of 7/11/24: The State of New Jersey enacted legislation requiring the replacement of all lead service lines by July 2031.  The law describes a service line as being from the water main to the building.  The definition of a lead service line includes galvanized pipe service lines, on the basis that galvanizing materials are … Read more

Forest Hills Pump Station

As of 7/11/24: Funding sources are being pursued for the replacement of the Forest Hills Pump Station.  The existing pump station has been in service for over 50 years and is an older style wet well – dry well station.  A new, modern pump station with submersible pumps is proposed to replace the existing old … Read more

Water Main Replacement

As of 7/11/24: The Authority has implemented a capital improvement program that will span both short-term and long-term projects.  The improvements will include the replacement of old cast iron and transite water mains, which are more prone to breakages than mains constructed with modern pipe materials.  In addition, the Authority will work to improve the … Read more

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