Elevated Water Storage Tanks

As of 6/13/24: The Authority presently has three elevated water storage tanks in service.  The tanks along the Black Horse Pike behind the Knights of Columbus building and along Corkery Lane are both 1,000,000 gallon facilities.  The Herbert Boulevard Water Storage Tank holds 300,000 gallons.  The Authority plans to repaint all three elevated water storage tanks.  Additional on-site facilities improvements are planned at the Knights of Columbus site. The Knights of Columbus storage tank will be the first to be painted.  Advertisement for bidding for the painting project is anticipated for the latter part of 2024 or early 2025.  The tank painting must be scheduled based on the times of peak usage to ensure adequate water storage during all times of the year.  The overall contract time from start to finish will be about six (6) months.  The Corkery Lane tank will be the next tank to be painted and will have a similar contract time.  The final tank painting project will be the Herbert Boulevard tank.  The tank painting projects for the second and third water storage tanks will follow shortly after the Knights of Columbus tank.  Based on that projected schedule, all three elevated water storage tanks will be repainted within a two to three-year period.  The painting will include both exterior and interior portions of the three water storage tanks.  All tanks will be painted the same color.

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