Service Line Detail

Sewer Lateral, Explained

The Monroe MUA is responsible for both the sewer main in the street and sewer lateral that runs to the curb line. The Authority’s ownership of the lateral ends at the curb if the sewer main is in the street and ends at the right of way if sewer main is behind the curb line.

If a sewer blockage or issue arises the homeowner/resident is strongly encouraged to call the Monroe MUA first. The sewer main should be the first thing checked in any sewer conflict and since the MUA owns the mains they are the only ones who are to access these mains through the manholes. If the main is flowing properly then we check the clean out that is located on the property. The clean out is simply an access to your sewer lateral and is a vertical pipe tie-in that is connected directly to your lateral. It is a way to access or “clean out” your lateral if there is ever an issue. In most cases if the sewer clean out is empty the issue is on the homeowner’s side. We will advise the homeowner to call a plumber. If the clean out is full the issue is on the MUA’s side. We will immediately determine the cause of the blockage and handle the issue.

There is no cost for a homeowner/resident to contact the Monroe MUA when they experience a sewer backup at any time of day or night and there is no additional cost for any work that is performed during these calls. Our employees are available 24 hours a day to assist with any sewer emergency.

*For Sewer Backups – Contact the MMUA first*

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