Customer Knowledge Center

Utility Service Line Information

General Information Relative to the Operations of the Initial Billing

Info on what to do if a blockage occurs to what may cause cloudy water.

Tips on Possible Water Leaks

Leaks not only waste water… They will cost you money

Rules and Regulations

This information will assist you in the Monroe Municipal Utilities Authority’s application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the MUA? Chances are the answer is here in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

It’s The Law – Dig Safely

Info on who to contact to locate underground facilities if you are building an addition to your home, proposing to have a tree stump removed, mailbox post installed, etc.

Service Line Detail, Explained

Your main Water Line and Sewer Lateral explained in further detail where MMUA responsibility stops, and the homeowner’s responsibility starts.

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